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Preston Hornbeck

A poet, community creator, and entrepreneur.

Do you believe that work is a gift that adds value to your life and those around you . . . and not something to dread? 


With ten years of experience working in a variety of creative marketing roles as a writer, photographer, content specialist, and creative team manager, I have been honored to serve organizations reaching tens of millions of individuals, and I know firsthand that work can be a place of purpose and connection.

Today, I focus my energy on sharing beauty with the world through poetry, supporting other writers, and by building businesses that make a positive impact in the world. As a creative and entrepreneur, I continue to find joy in creating spaces that foster a sense of purpose, significance, and belonging for myself and those around me.


Slow down.
Live inspired.

Enjoy your life.


Startup Projects

Organizations Preston has helped found and serve.

Clay House

Publishing House

Soccer Organization

Pottery Studio

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More About Preston

Preston Hornbeck is a writer, photographer, marketing specialist, and small business maker.


Preston's content creation career got a fast start in 2016 when he landed a role out of college as a social media intern for Bethel Music, a private music label with tens of millions of followers. Within four months he was hired, and within another year was promoted to Marketing Manager.

In 2018 Hornbeck ventured into new frontiers, delving into freelance photography, copywriting, and marketing. He also attended an intensive heart school for creatives and traveled the world writing poetry. 


His writing career further took shape in 2020 as he published his first work, State Lines, a collection of poems revolving around grief and transition. His honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability resonated with readers around the world. His second collection of poems, At the Woodline, was released in July 2022. His third book of poetry is set to release later in 2023.

Current projects include helping other writers through the publishing process with his business Gold & Light Publishing House, and co-leading a local community soccer organization, Redding Football Club. Through sharing poetry, helping writers, and supporting businesses that align with his life vision, Preston invests his time in environments that create space for others to enjoy life, experience belonging, and feel valued. 


Originally from McKinney, Texas, Preston has also called North Carolina and Northern California home. He loves Jesus, his family and friends, the church, writing, coffee culture, being outdoors, and any large four-legged friend with a wagging tail. 

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