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About the Author

A young poet ringing with the voice of old wisdom.

Wheat Field
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Poetry from Preston

Works of poetry from Preston Hornbeck available now.

About the Author

Preston Hornbeck is a poet and community creator. As a poet, he is a light-hearted, deep-souled writer who draws on his life experiences to craft masterpieces.


His first published collection of poems, State Lines, was penned in cities around the world as he diligently searched for "home." In his second book, At the Woodline, Hornbeck has written a warm follow-up collection from a posture of rest.


Speaking with gentleness and strength, Hornbeck has a way of safely walking readers to vulnerable places. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas, where he continues to write and help other poets and writers publish their books.




About State Lines

From exploring raw moments of grief to the excitement of traveling the world, State Lines is a daring collection of poems that invites readers into adventure and vulnerability.

Creatively penned in cities around the world, Hornbeck has seamlessly woven together this collection and artfully captured his quest for home: a place of love, safety, and belonging.

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About At the Woodline

After touring the world and terrible loss, poet Preston Hornbeck went to the woods of North Carolina to step away and slow down. There, he was welcomed with compassion by a community of artists that walked with him as he healed. 


Now, Hornbeck has returned with At the Woodline, new poems written from the woods, from the garden, by the pond, and predominantly at sunrise, bearing witness to the testimonies offered to us each morning by nature. 


This breakthrough collection of 50 new poems will speak to your heart — inviting you to believe for more in life — each page declaring that beauty is all around you and hope is a light that never goes out.


Beautifully printed with an antique press on handmade paper, this limited series of prints (25 each) are available in celebration of the launch of At the Woodline

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