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Levitating Books
Many poets have a dream to see their work in print.
They just don't know how to get there.
Most poets simply don't know the path forward for publishing or the steps required to take their dream from notes on a computer screen and transformed into beautifully bound printed pages. The process can feel daunting. Many aspiring writers never even dare to try . . . 
For the ones that try, they quickly discover that self-publishing options provide minimal creative liberty and less than inspiring print quality. And with traditional publishing, big-name publishers aren't reaching out left and right to fund poetry books and get them into bookstores and into readers' hands . . .

What if you had another option?

What if you didn't have to be stuck waiting on a distant dream to magically come true?
There is a way for you to finally publish your book.
And there is a way for you to do it well.
I would love to show you how.
I can help you with . . .
Exceptional cover designs

Exceptional cover designs

Professional copyediting

Professional copyediting

Navigating typesetting

Navigating typesetting

Personal website & marketing

Personal website & marketing

Sales and distribution assistance

Sales and distribution assistance

As an author who has gone through the process a time or two myself, I know that successfully self-publishing a beautiful book yourself is possible.

I've been through the process. I know how daunting book publishing can feel.

I want to leverage the knowledge and experience I've acquired to help writers like you as you create your first book. I would love to hear about your book and discuss how I might best help you navigate the publishing process.

Let's get that book of yours into print.
Let's bring your work to life.
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As a multidisciplinary creative, I work closely on all projects alongside a small team of expert freelance creatives--phenomenal designers, editors, agents, and project managers--all working hard to make your book completely awesome. 

How my team can help...


Book Building





Home office

Design, Editing, & Layout

We provide step-by-step guidance creating books. We'll cover copy editing, cover design, and formatting your book.

Website Build + Content Creation

We'll help you build and optimize your website to boost credibility, connect with readers, and sell your book online. 

Book Printing & Publishing

We'll walk you through the printing process, as well as help get your book into stores and into your reader's hands.

You do the writing. We'll walk you through the rest.

To learn more or receive a quote for a specific project, click the button below and share as much information as possible so our team can assess if we're the right fit for your project!

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